Dear Love Ones,

Welcome to Live Life TO THE MAX.
After the monster missiles from Italy many of you have encouraged me to continue writing. Here it is! Live Life TO THE MAX is my blog – a blog for people who don’t want to spend too much time in front of their computers. Your lives are full of friends and family, interesting experiences and adventure, urban excursions, exploring the great outdoors, meeting and greeting people but I hope to provide a few moments of quiet, contemplative time that will help to restore body and soul. I hope to take you on a journey of discovery and show how, in a short period of daily time, our page can provide you with information that will enrich your life, make you laugh, make you cry but always, always entertain you.

The word BLOG comes from an abbreviation of weblog – merely a webpage that allows me to share a running log of personal insights with you, the audience. How is it different from a simple web-page? The information on a webpage tends to be static, on a blog it is always moving. There are estimated to be some 70 million blogs out there and now there are 70 million and one! Why one more I hear you ask? Well there may be 70 million but how many are well written, jam-packed with fabulous info, geared to MY demographic and user friendly. How many of them have a MAX?

Max is my son, all grown up now, but he led me on a merry dance! There are 4 members of our immediate family, 3 of us are regular, run-of-the-mill, probably even ordinary and then there is Max. He is irregular, wired differently. In some way this is a challenge and in others ways a gift. He is a maddeningly attention deprived, annoyingly hyperactive, passionate, fun-loving whirling dervish who spreads joy and havoc in his wake as he lives life TO THE MAX! He has taught me much; about myself, about life and about the web! He is the reason I began to write, to try and sort out the crazy making. He is the hero of my story. Mad Max is his nom de plume.

my-portrait-by-matisse.jpgWHO AM I? (my portrait by Matisse)

I am the long-suffering mother, both weary and enriched by having such a son. I have stories to tell, insights to share. I am a woman “of a certain age”, a wife, mother, reader, writer, philosopher, worker, cook, traveler, dancer, reveler and seeker. I am both no-one and everywoman, but I have been defined by the accumulation of my experiences and struggles and one of the most defining forces in my life has been Max.

I am attracted to the concept of suffering in the Buddhist philosophy. The first of the 4 noble truths of Buddhism explains that life inherently involves suffering because human nature is not perfect and neither is the world we live in. It is also impermanent as everything constantly changes and ultimately ends in death. Suffering is something we all must share, unless you have reached the state of Nirvana (nowhere near the state of Nevada!) Buddhism extols the virtue of compassion or helping to relieve the suffering of others.

Other than my family my greatest passion in life is sharing! I LOVE to share. I love to share my clothes, my friends, food and wine, good times, even bad times. I love to share good information, special things, hot tips, and knowledge and sometimes I even have to share my pain and my struggles, for I believe in the end, if you share, great things come back to you. Above all I want to share the singular experience of living life TO THE MAX!

You are part of the network of English speaking women (and maybe some men) throughout the world who are just like me, thirsty for greater understanding and “connectedness”. You are busy and lead multi-faceted lives and quite frankly have limited interest in sitting in front of a computer screen for hours. At tothemax.ca you will get a quick fix! A daily trip will give you a small dose of intelligent creativity. Together we will create a club, a place where you can go, knowing you will find something of value and interest and connect with like-minded people. You too want to live life TO THE MAX!

Because .com was taken.

We all become aware, through our children, of how little we know. We get stuck in the groove of our own generation. My kids have impatiently, but with dogged determination, guided me through my limited computer education. Every email, word document, every search, download, new file, CD burn, I owe to them. I have become aware of how difficult it can be for women of my demographic to become computer savvy and access all the fun things available on the web. My site will include many “non-jargon described”, Max-inspired tips about how to use your computer TO THE MAX!

Sometimes it feels like “computer-speak” is a foreign language. Recently I decided I wanted to know what html code meant so I googled html code/definition. This is what I got. “HTML code refers to the HTML that makes up a Web site. HTML code can be added to HTML documents through the usage of a HTML editor.” I’m so much wiser now!

This blog is primarily for female readers and writers. Once a week (every Friday) I will post an article. Initially they will be written by me but I hope to expand this to include pieces from other writers – possibly even YOU! Posting on Fridays allows you the weekend to leisurely enjoy the post. Some of the remaining weekdays will have small daily doses of items of interest on any subject that I think will titillate my audience – food, travel, sex, health and well-being, music, films, books, art – as well as other blogs or websites that may be of interest, basically little gems of infotainment that will in some small way, enrich our lives. The blog will contain the running collection of posts, all archived for easy reference, a forum page for comments – a dialogue between readers – and weblinks, places to go for further information or a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

My motto is “you have to start somewhere”. I will be learning by doing. The style, look and content of my page will become better and more sophisticated as I progress and grow to better use the tools that are available to us all. Your feedback will be greatly appreciated and valued.

I will be relying on you my love ones, to forward my page to as many as you think will enjoy it. Women throughout the world are not so different. We share the same struggles; with relationships, raising children and seeking fulfillment outside the definitions of others. I have friends and family in many countries throughout the world; The United States, Canada, Australia, Italy, Vietnam, South America. At www.tothemax.ca my goal is to create a global village of thinking women whose lives will be enriched and expanded, to create a place where there is a sense of support and belonging, a place where woman can express themselves – write, read, communicate with other women, share ideas and experiences, a place that focuses on issues that affect us all regardless of nationality, age or background. The best thing is it is FAST and FREE and very PERSONAL!

The term “Global Village” is generally attributed to the Canadian media guru Marshall McLuhan and his ground-breaking book “Understanding Media”. “Today, after more than a century of electric technology, we have extended our central nervous system in a global embrace.” McLuhan was referring to the impact of electronic media in the 50’s and 60’s such as radio, television and telephones. Small wonder the term has since become a metaphor to describe the internet and the World Wide Web that now catches us all in its expansive embrace.

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