Ted and John and Evelyn

Beware! Naked bottoms in this one! But you’ll have to wait…

Many of you are now hooked on TED.

Ted’s pretty cool, he’s 24 years old, spent his childhood in obscurity but has since taken the world by storm. Ted isn’t a guy, he’s an acronym – for Technology, Entertainment and Design – sounds dry but the emphasis is on the middle word! Ted’s goal is to foster brilliance, believing there is no greater force for change than a powerful idea. WooHoo!

TED is a symposium, a Woodstock for thinkers held annually in Monterey California since 1984, attracting the world’s intellectual glitterati; scientists, philosophers, musicians, religious leaders, philanthropists and many others. Every year over four days, 50 speakers each get an 18 minute spot for their “talk”. Many are famous like Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, Frank Gehry, Jane Goodall, Al Gore, Philippe Starck, Bono and many like Paleoanthropologist Zeresenay Alemseged, are less so but no less mesmerizing. Attendance at the conference is by invitation only and costs at least $6000. BooHoo for the rest of us.

Fear not. Last year TED decided to share the love and released over 200 of the most popular talks online. They now reach a global audience in the millions! I personally plan to enjoy my way through all of them! It’s a Ted-a-day for the remainder of the year!

For more of TED and view all the TALKS go to http://www.ted.com/

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For a JohnTalk on climate change, this came in from irresistible Australian Artist John Davis.


“Hi all you Northern Hemispherians,

I just want to let you know what’s happening in our rather cooked part of the world. Today is the 15th consecutive day of 35-40 degree heat in Adelaide, which is the hottest spell on record in Australia since temperature records have been kept. Added to this is a record drought in most parts of Oz. It is really stressful for all living things; gardens and parks are suffering terribly as we have had long time water restrictions, trees that are decades old, even older, are dying. I think this ends any doubt about global warming; even the sea out front is warm, 22 degrees when it is normally about 16 degrees. It’s like jumping into tepid bath water. It’s getting a bit scary. What is happening in our part of the country, compared to the tropical north, really highlights the contrasting climate of Oz. In parts of Queensland (have a look at a map, we are in South Australia) they have had massive flooding after torrential rain for weeks and weeks. In Mackay, (up north) in less than 12 hours they had Adelaide’s (down south) yearly rainfall, yet in this state our major river, the Murray, is dying a slow death, many estuaries are dry and life forms have disappeared. So we continue on at rather a subdued pace and look forward to a cooler break. Here’s keeping our fingers crossed!

Cheers, John – (Sending this email before I melt into oblivion!)”

malins-nude.jpgJohn lives with his wife, community artist Evelyn Roth on an exquisite stretch of the South Australian coastline called Maslins Beach. It became that nation’s first legal nudist beach in 1975, under legislation by the Premier. If you want to check out John’s butt you’ll have to go there, in the meantime here is SA nudist Natalie McNamara judging the best bottom competition during the Maslin Beach Nude Olympics in 2002.

fa_performance_salmondance21.jpgAbout Evelyn Roth. As an artist, Evelyn is hard to label, she is so multi-talented and prodigious. Her work has an exuberance that is unbridled and it has taken her all over the world to many of the World’s biggest International events. From her prairie roots she came to prominence as a member of the Intermedia group during the 60′s, integrated sculpture and movement with her Moving Sculpture Company, pioneered recycling in art with her crocheted video tape pieces, has worked with the indiginous people of the Pacific North West as well as Australia’s Pitjitjanjara people and has taken inflatebles to new heights. Check her out at http://www.evelynroth.com/. One of my faves!

mail-800-x-600.jpg                                      John Davis. John is a self-taught artist who draws inspiration from his roots: the magnificent landscapes of his native land, its exotic flora and fauna as well as his indigenous heritage (not to mention the dimpled “cheeks” of Maslin’s rudie nudies). I highly recommend you check out his web page at web.mac.com/johndavis2858 In particular, look at the wearable art.

us_2-800-x-600.jpgJohn tell us how they met.  In Sept 1998 I placed an ad in the personal column of our local newspaper, the Southern Times. Ad read: “Quiet, sensitive, 40 year old, bearded artist looking for lady to share my life with”. I had been single for quite some time and had turned into somewhat of a hermit. Reaching 40 however, was the turning point.We met at a beach side cafe – the Star of Greece which was close to my home at Port Willunga and then went back to my place, had a long chat and got to know each other a little better. The next day Evelyn made me breakfast at her beautiful home at Maslin Beach – turned out she was a wonderful cook as well! About a month later I proposed. Before I moved out of my place and into Evelyn’s, we used to leave each of our houses, I would walk north along the cliff top overlooking the sea,  Evelyn would walk south along the same cliff and we would meet close to a field of wavering wheat growing in a paddock, the sea dominant in the landscape – very romantic! I was 40, Evelyn was 62!   In May of 2000 we married in Tsawassen Canada close to the 49th parallel. We are coming up to our 8th anniversary. I am actually Evelyn’s 5th husband but she claims I’m the best of the lot! We create our art together and share a wonderful life by the sea.

Beautiful people making beautiful art in a beautiful part of the world.

4 Responses

  1. Virginia Leeming Says:

    I met Evelyn years ago whe my daughter was about 6. She ran throug evelyn’s dragon kite. I have always admdired ER’s fierce energy.

  2. Gray Amphlett Says:

    Great blog , Peg. Duane would have loved your musings. Love Gray & Ibi

  3. Peter Ilica Says:

    March 29, 2008

    Dear Peg:

    Nice blog. Congratulations! I read it from Liliana’s page. I am sure it takes you a lot of time to do it, but you do it right.

    This is the first of your blogs I am reading, and I do not like its left-wing contents. What global warming?? Liliana and I just came back from Italy last night. We spent six weeks there, in Piemonte, suffering from sub-normal temperatures. I could hardly use my gas-guzzling Harley-Davidson Road King motorcycle there. Now, we are back in Portland, Oregon, and it snows! As you may know, I work for the Oil and Gas industry, and there is a huge amount of money to be made by the so called “environmental” companies that are building scrubbers, cleaners, filters, and other expensive equipment that is forced-fed onto the oil industry. Hence, this is one contributor to the high price of gasoline.

    Please tell your Australian friend that, while he is feeling too hot down under, other people in Europe and North America are suffering from cold temperatures. I do not place the cold weather on the back of the environmental change, but just on the normal, cyclical way the world climate behaves.

    Thank you, more congratulations to you, and keep up the good work!!


    Peter Ilica.

  4. Nicole Homeniuk Says:

    How do I get to be a judge at those olympics ????

    Wow, John an Eyelyn – what a beautiful story ! I wish you cooler temps and some rain !!!

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