Penguins in Australia?

Love Ones, I regret to report I’m addicted to TED!

I am developing a “Hungry Ghost” of my own and it’s Ted! I rush home to be with Ted, I have late night trysts with Ted, I wake up early to hang out with Ted, while my husband’s playing golf I fool around with Ted, “don’t talk to me, I’m talking to Ted”, “Mum, wanna go for coffee?” “Don’t bother me, can’t you see I’m with Ted.” The family started to complain so I now surreptitiously sneek off to be with Ted while no ones looking. What started as a one a day habit has mushroomed and I crave more and more TED! I have discovered the Ted Prize – every year, 3 Ted prizes are awarded – each winner is given a pot of gold ($100,000) and granted a wish – a wish for the change of their choice and Ted works to make the wish come true. Ted has “categories” – “most jaw-dropping”, “most courageous”, “most fascinating” …..I am working my way through them all. So far I have watched physicist Neil Turok wishing to discover the next Einstein by establishing 15 new centers for young whiz-kids in Africa, author Dave Eggers (A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius) wishing for community involvement to revolutionize education in schools, scholar Karen Armstrong wishing the TED community to help her build a Global Charter for Compassion; I have watched author Isabel Allende tell tales of passion, neuroanatomist Jill Bolte Taylor experience Nirvana, evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins (The God Delusion) call on atheists to come forward and be counted and, in a separate talk, expand our knowledge of the universe. I have watched Frank Ghery show us why he’s such a “great” architect and, from the TED archives, Nicholas Negroponte predict the future multi-media revolution. For light-hearted distractions I watched the Raspyni brothers burst a balloon between a man’s leg with a whip (Ouch!) Hotmail’s Steve Jurvetson on model rockets, Buddhist monk Matthieu Ricard on Happiness, David MacAuley’s delightful sketch tour of Rome, comediennes Jill & Julia, and Pamela Kurstin play a hauntingly beautiful musical “instrument” without touching it; but the most entertaining of all was professor of global health Hans Gosling (co-founder of Doctor’s Without Borders)revolutionize the presentation of statistics – presenting fascinating information in a most entertaining way! I have currently booked myself into a facility and am trying to limit my consumption of TED! It isn’t easy!

img_0566_1-800-x-600.jpg  As a teenager growing up in Australia I had the good fortune to sail on Sydney harbor. The waters are dark and choppy so when I first spied my little friend I thought I was seeing a small wave, a splash of blue and white disturbing the swell of the water. As I got closer I was shocked to discover it was in fact a teeny, tiny penguin. My fertile mind imagined all sorts of disaster; released by accident from Toronga Park Zoo, blown by some horrendous storm up from the south pole, lost, alone, separated from his love ones, fodder for sharks – over the years the possibilities became more and more heart rending. He obviously made an impact as I have thought of that enchanting little creature many times over the years and have always had a soft spot for the fishy birds!  I discovered recently that I have worried about him for 40 years for nothing! Penguins are not completely unknown in Oz. There is only one species, the fairy penguin, the smallest little “p” of all, standing only 30 cm tall, weighing barely a kilogram and unique to southern Australia and New Zealand where they are known as Little Blue Penguins because of their vibrant, cobalt blue plumage. At some time in history a little tribe of them set up camp in a secluded cove in Sydney’s North Harbor. Their population, once numbering in the hundreds, has decreased to around 60 pairs of birds; so few that the population is in danger of disappearing.  PENGUINS by John Davis

Unfortunately I haven’t mastered the art of linking to mac web site – I highly reccomend you type in John’s URL and explore his beautifal art work.   


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