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First up, thanks for the flood of good wishes, it has been very heart-warming.

Forgive the pun but this past week my interests have been somewhat fractured. I have spent a lot of time reading, watching movies and exploring the Internet and of course I want to share with you, my Love Ones, some of the fun stuff.

Google Earth.


Most of you probably know about Google Earth but for those who don’t, download it immediately and join in the fun. ( (It is faster than the speed of light). When you open the program a large globe of the world will come up on your screen and you can use the buttons to the right of the screen to manipulate the globe to find places of interest or you can type a destination in the “fly to” box to the left of the screen. You can double click on the screen (repeatedly) or use the zoom button to get closer and closer to your destination. Try your own address in the “fly to” box – its fun. As you keep getting closer and closer to your area of interest, little squares will appear and if you hover your mouse over the box, the description will pop up of what it is. For example, if you are interested in finding the Icebergs clubhouse on Bondi Beach from my last post, type in “Bondi Beach” in the “fly to” box. (Next, use the middle button on the right to move the picture UP in the screen as the box you want is obscured by the copyright text.) On the south end of the sandy beach, if you hover your mouse over the boxes, you will find one that says “Bondi Beach from Icebergs dining room” and another that says “Icebergs Pool, Bondi Beach”. Cool eh? Then go visit Denys and Norma in Correns (Porte de Pardon post). Type “Correns” in the fly to box, zoom in using the little plus sign to the right and find the box that says “old Olive Mill” – WooHoo! That’s where my friends live. I love it!

Youtube: Go to for a plethora of fun.

YukYuks: I have discovered some fabulous comedians on youtube. I particularly enjoy the crazed English comedienne Catherine Tate and the Aussie kings of political satire, Clarke and Dawe, but my all-time fave is Jimmy Carr. For starters try   and if you love it and want more, try    If you like it risqué, try the irreverent Sasha Baron Cohens’ (Borat) other personas’ (Ali G) interview with Posh Spice and David Beckham which has had six and a half million views. Respect! But remember, I warned you!

 If you want to squirm for 10 minutes listen to Stephen Colbert roast President Bush at the 2006 White House Correspondents dinner. (2 million views) Colbert has a split personality. He is both Stephen Colbert, an American comedian, actor and political satirist but in The Colbert Report, his wildly popular, Emmy award winning t.v. show, he plays a fictional anchorman named Stephen Colbert described by the real Colbert as a “well-intentioned, poorly informed, high-status idiot“, who is a caricature of televised political pundits such as Fox news’ Bill O’Reilly. I presume in the following speech he’s just being himself!  

laurabush-640-x-480.jpgIf you want to know what George and Laura thought of the speech have a listen to what Ladylike Laura had to say to him (clue: it wasn’t nice!) 

If you hate George Bush (is there anyone out there who doesn’t) watch “Hu is the new leader of China?”

If you prefer something charming take a peek at “Where the hell is Matt?” (tens of millions of others have)

 Matt Harding


It all started for Matt Harding, self-described “deadbeat from Connecticut” in 2003, when a friend suggested he “do that dance you do” while videoing their travels. Matt only does one dance and he does it really badly. The video caught the attention of youtube viewers and went viral and Matt became famous. He was then sponsored to go dance in 39 more countries and that video went viral and made Matt even more famous. He received thousands of emails from all over the world and was sponsored to go dance in a whole lot more countries, this time with some of his fans. Altogether Matt has danced in about 80 countries and now he’s really, really famous. If you want you can visit his webpage at

If you prefer alarming to charming check out   WooHoo!

It is also possible to expand your knowledge of art via youtube. You may enjoy the fascinating performance stunt,”Frozen Grand Central” (over 13 million views) staged by guerrilla art group “Improv Everywhere” whose mission is to create “scenes of chaos and joy in public places”.   Youtube is where I first discovered the breathtakingly beautiful kinetic wind sculptures of Dutch artist Theo Jansen  Jansen, who uses materials like cardboard and balsa wood to make enormous, wind-powered “creatures” that move with etherial elegance, is also known to the good guys at TED and you can view his TedTalk at   (sorry no link)


Animation has it’s moment with the delightfully clever

Of course, the most watched youtube videos of all times, involve animals. Check out the tear-jerking tale of Christian The Lion (over 25 million views) but get out your hankies! Or watch the heartwarming defense of a baby buffalo being attacked by lions (36 and a half million views)     

Cute Kids are always a big hit, so if you have time to kill, flip through this hilarious collection. 

photo42-thumb-250x333-640-x-480.jpgWith so many views it is reasonable to think that many of you will have seen several of these already, however hopefully there is something new for everyone. If not try these: “slime mold and mushrooms”  or an esoteric food adventure at or learn about the joys of “extreme ironing”, an “adventure sport for people who love laundry”



Food: There are some delicious food sites on the net. Here are some favorites.

0580444900.jpg I was first introduced to Maggie Beer on a recent trip down under when I tasted her ice-cream. With flavors like burnt fig and honeycomb, quince and bitter almond, vanilla bean and elderflower or passionfruit, it is the BEST ice-cream I have ever tasted. I doused the fig and honeycomb in crème de cacao and it was sublime. Maggie Beer is the “cook” of the popular Australian cooking show “The Cook and the Chef”. She lives in The Barossa Valley, the famous wine-making region of South Australia.

Cinnamon and Vanilla  is a visually exquisite site hosted by a Basque ex-pat living in the U.S. The site specializes in desserts. Oops! At you will meet David Lebovitz who was trained at Chez Panisse, Callebaut Chocolate College and Ecole Lenotre in Paris and is now “living the sweet life in Paris” where he conducts culinary tours of the City of Light. In addition to a great food site, it is a great site about Paris. François-Xavier (FX) is French-speaking Swiss, living on the shores of Lake Geneva. He’s a “suit” with a love of food. is a great site for recipes…from…101 cookbooks. Special thanks to reader Diane P for sharing some of her favorite sites.

That should keep you going. There will be more of my favorite webpages in the weeks to come but finally I want to introduce you to the award winning Interior Design website of my friend Patricia Gray and her blog  For a daily glimpse into the machinations of financial world I love my daily dose from Eric Stodt. To receive your daily dose you can email him at

Love, Love, to the Love Ones.

9 Responses

  1. patricia gray Says:

    HI Peg
    Thanks for the mention!!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Peg, Again just catching up on my email. Thank you for all the new sites to explore. Would like to offer you something. Read Loving Frank , about Frank Lloyd Wright and loved it. Might help pass the time. Bye for now. Get well.


  3. Anonymous Says:

    Love to you
    Thanks for the entertainment!

  4. Lorraine Flanagan Says:

    Hi Peg, sorry to hear about your tumble and your enforced confinement. For someone who is always on the go it must be so frustrating to be stuck in one place. Glad to see that your mind and imagination are taking you outside and around the world though until you heal and are off again. All the best – Lorraine

  5. Now I know why i have never done it ( assholes) Says:

    Peg, been thinking about you and sending warm vibes to your dear ankle in the midst of my Hindu-Zimbawean- Japanese-Canadian Ismali weddings. It’s been a summer of cultural riches, not the least of which of course are your brilliant blogs. I love not knowing where you are going to take us—- each journey being so full of wit, insights and humour. Here’s to your inexhautable well of creativity.Enjoy sitting about and being waited on!

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Hi, Nice to see your blog doing so well. It’s been a few weeks since I visited you here so I thought that I should just stop by for a quick hello. Ok, thats it, have a nice day. Bompa

  7. liliana ilica Says:

    Hello Peg:

    What am I missing??? Have you had an accident? Are you well now?

    Zamfir, the pan flute Romanian player was hit by a car in Bucharest, while trying to retrive his dog that jumped off his car’s window. We do not know his health condition.

    Much love, take care,


  8. 101DoFollowBlogs Says:

    I’ve heard some good things about this blog. Remember to balance the pics with the text tho. cheers!

  9. Matt Golfcovers Says:

    I’ve heard some goody things about this blog. The content has really been useful a great balance of text and pictures.

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