Yes Love Ones, I am in China.

I am currently lollygagging under the down cover of my massive king sized bed in my “all to myself” spacious, cool, wonderful apartment, atop the tumult and chaos of Shanghai below. CRAZY TOWN. Favorite slogan so far…..MAKE GREAT EFFORTS TO BUILD HARMONIOUS, SOCIALIST SOCIETY…SPEED UP THE URBANIZATION PROCESS!  Can’t imagine speeding it up as it is already traveling at the speed of light……most traces of old China have been bulldozed in favor of either “chicken coops” (boxes stacked on top of each other in order to house a population the size of Canada) or a most fantastical array of high rises, all trying to outdo each other for height and fanciful twists of architectural design. These are grouped together across the river in the Pudong district and at night become a light show, with massive LED screens splashed across entire sides of the building, aglow with flowers, lights shooting up walls, spirals drowned with an assortment of pastels, and my own personal favorite the new World Financial Center, a tower of fluorescent blue with glittering sparkles at the top – it would all be cheesy and dreadful if it weren’t so freaking FABULOUS!!

I am here to visit one of my dearest friends, D.J. and his long-time partner, the brilliant Toby (3 time Tony award winning Broadway producer, currently developing a movie/musical called Sacrifice with his Chinese partners. When I try to think of a single word to describe DJ it is CONSIDERATE. He is the most thoughtful person I have ever met, finding immense pleasure in taking care of others and ever since I was met at the airport I have been the recipient of his munificence!

Lucky me.

harmony1.jpgI am a snoop as you know and it has been fun to get a glimpse into a different slice of Shanghai life. China has a long history of tolerance of homosexuality and they have surrounded themselves with a colorful but loving family; D.J.’s live-in paramour, Joansey (don’t ask), various exquisitely beautiful squeezes of Tobey’s – “assistants’ apparently (don’t ask), Jack, the movie-star handsome owner of the gay bar “Shanghai Studio”, his female assistant with the face of an angel and  “Aunty” the adorable Chinese ‘ayi’ who works for them when she isn’t working for Jack… is all very HARMONIOUS!

D.J’s only transgression is that he failed to warn me that Chinese toilets don’t come with their own supply of toilet paper – it’s a BYO situation! My Love Ones live in the French concession district of Shanghai – where the last vestiges of Shanghai ‘soul’ remain – gorgeous boulevards lined with Plane trees and the crumbling mansions of a bygone era.

After several cushy days of being completely spoilt, I am about to embark on THE BIG ADVENTURE – off into the distant wilds of China ON MY OWN! I am doing a big loop and covering a lot of ground, mainly by air as the distances are so vast. starting this evening I fly to Huangshan, a famous mountain region of spectacular beauty. I plan to hike as far to the top as I can.


Nearby are the historic villages of Xidi and Hongcun where I will visit.


and hopefully as I make my way to Hefei I will have time to check out Mt Jiuhua which has a very memorable significance for my host Toby who had an audience with the third highest ranking Buddhist priest in the world, at the temple at the top of Mt J.


From Hefei I fly south to Guilin and into a region that has been the inspiration of poets and painters for centuries – the highlight being the stretch of the Li river between Guilin and the Yangshou county, an “awe inspiring landscape of deep gorges, towering mountains, crystal clear waters, serene pastoral views of rice paddies and water buffaloes.”




 If it all looks idylic keep in mind that even tho remote all of these places will be teeming with people! Yes many a time so far I have thought “HUMAN ANT COLONY”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. David Says:


    How fabulous. I’m jealous of your adventurous spirit!

  2. patricia gray Says:

    Hi Peg
    Have a great time and take lots of pictures to share with us!!

  3. Diane Cote Says:

    Well my dear Peg, I would love to be your personal caterer and tour the world with you on your deliciously wicked adventures. Call anytime! Currently in San Diego so wasn’t able to be in touch with your daughter re: work but will stay in touch, just in case.I love your commentary on Max in the bio…it was a very fun 21st for him not so long ago. Safe travels and keep up the amazing commentary on life!

  4. uncle dooney Says:

    How cool, G and I and Clive are hoping to make it to Shanghai this year with friends , one of whom was born there. After your trip , let me know the skinny on China generally. Dooney

  5. Anonymous Says:

    super report and photos….it all sounds so amazing and so much stimulation! havew a blast and be careful..

  6. virgiinia Says:

    Awesome. Let’s get together when you get back. Cheers

  7. Dana Says:

    Enjoy it all, I know we did! Although, there was much that didn’t seem to be make sense until long after we returned home.

  8. brillante Says:

    Peg Tai Tai…I am looking forward to regular updates for your journey. As usual you write amazing posts, informative and at the same time fun to read and full of surprises.

  9. Ida Ricketts Says:

    Well hello Peg, nice to hear from you! I was in Shanghai three years ago. Brings back many memmories . . . people, smells, crowds, architecture (and lack of) and of course the magnificent beauty and history.
    You will see much more than I did in my short visit. Enjoy, Enjoy, Enjoy!
    Love, Ida

  10. Jeannie Says:


    You are totally “maxing” out on your experience over there! I am not surprised. Stay safe and keep us posted!

  11. Alison Says:

    Hi Peg!
    Can’t wait to see all your pics and hear all about your adventures when you return safe and sound to us! Take good care.

  12. The Marti's Says:

    HI Peggles!!! Sounds Amazing! We love seeing where you have been and the adventures you have made your own! You are such a gold member of the elite adventure crew we love it!!! We Love you Sister/Aunty Peg!xx

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