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It began the moment my feet hit home turf in early June after a month in China and Tibet. I basked in the glorious clear sky, breathed deep the fresh, unpolluted air and felt the caress of a gentle breeze blow in off the ocean – but most of all I marveled at the open spaces, gloriously empty, the view of a bay dotted only with a few happy sail boats and the lake, MY lake, dotted with a few blissed out swans. There are beautiful scenes in China but they are swarming members of the Human Ant Colony, swamping, asphyxiating, drowning – just too many of us to allow nature her freedom. Here, the freedom was intoxicating.

044_640_x_480.jpgI felt lucky. Lucky to go; lucky to come back, lucky to come back HERE! It is mid October now, leaves are turning red and yellow, a chill is in the air; the sun is setting on one of the most glorious summers I can remember. (Thank you Janie for the pics)

dsc_0162_640_x_480.jpgWhy so great? The weather for sure. Warn sun means warm water and warm water means swimming – in oceans, lakes, bays and rivers. Warm weather means Islands! Warm weather means hiking, cycling around the park, kayaking, fishing and eating and drinking outdoors with new friends and old. Warm weather means boating and dancing at dusk on the bow of a boat …..

dsc_0192_640_x_480.jpg before plunging naked into the briney.

nicolavalley_640_x_480.jpgIn the early summer we wound our way down the scenic Nicola valley……

thumbnail-ranch-aerial.jpgto Stump Lake Ranch, deep in the heart of B.C.’s ranch country. The days were hot and dry, the lake water clean and blue and the evenings balmy.

flowers_640_x_480.jpg We collected wild flowers for the dinner table..

table_640_x_480.jpg Celebrated a birthday with friends….

di-and-p_640_x_480.jpg Rode bareback in the twilight….

jane_640_x_480.jpg admired fit and fearless fifty-somethings…

dave_640_x_480.jpg watched men walking on water…

dsc_0045_640_x_480.jpg Later in the summer we headed up the Strait of Georgia to Sargeant Bay where friends own a glorious property which attracts a rare form of giant humming birds…

dsc_0108_640_x_480.jpgWe lollygagged on the bow of their limestone…

dsc_0036_640_x_480.jpg and watched the sun set between the craggy bows of Arbutus trees. Late into the evening my friend announced that we should go in her boat to catch the sun’s last hurrah. “Too late” I thought for the sun has already melted, but I am never one to turn down a boat ride so we screamed into the middle of the bay and tucked away around a corner, this is what we found….dsc_0185_640_x_480.jpg

vancouver-aerial2.jpgBut really, it isn’t necessary to go far from home when you live where I do. This is where I live. (Sorry about the weird-ass numbers but that is what happens when you pilfer pics off the net). No.3 is Stanley Park and I live on the lagoon visible just below the number.

images_640_x_480.jpgA 10 km seawall circumnavigates the park and there are many glorious beaches ideal for tanning but not for swimming unless you are a Polar Bear! Not so, this summer from the gods. The local waters were cool but refreshing and I often walked the few hundred yards to swim in my favorite water hole just on the other side of this rocky outcrop.

2523840440_3a9aa598b9_640_x_480.jpg My daughter came home from dancing late one hot summer night. “Let’s go for a swim” I said and we went skinny dipping in the moonlight, not a soul in sight.

015_640_x_480.jpg Most evenings I rode my bike around the park…

050_640_x_480.jpg and enjoyed the charming temporary rock art that adorns the beach…..

046_640_x_480.jpg like an army of water spirits emerging from the seas.

017_640_x_480.jpg this is why it is “temporary”!

019_640_x_480.jpg I kayaked along the shore after eating a picnic dinner on English Bay……

021_640_x_480.jpg with my favorite boy toy (yes, it sucks to be me!)

001_640_x_480.jpgAnd together we watched the sun set silver on another glorious summer day.

22716_1.jpgThe next adventure took us by float plane up the Georgia Strait to the north west tip of a rugged gulf Island where friends have a glorious cabin.

p1020103_640_x_480.jpgIt sits on a bank above an expanse of granite. When the tide is low, the water at the edge of the granite is deep, the tide sweeps the water in over the baked rock creating ideal conditions for swimming – or floating – naked of course!

p1010977_640_x_480.jpg We continued a great Aussie tradition……..

p1010978_640_x_480.jpg and watched another silvery sun descend into madness…

img_2073_1_640_x_480.JPG I got to captain big boats..


img_2069_1_640_x_480.JPG past even bigger boats…

dsc_0175_640_x_480.jpg fall in love with a free spirit..

old-pics-176.jpg and experience nature in all her glory….nut it was not these things that made the summer so UNIQUE….it was…..

p1020094_640_x_480.jpg the NUDITY! Everywhere I went people were shedding their clothes. I expect it from Aussies and several of our friends are French (and they’re almost as bad) but CANADIANS?



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  1. David Says:

    Oh Peg, what a glorious, fabulous, post-modern meets urban-bohemian summer you orchestrated. That is your magic superpower. XOXO D

  2. James Curtis Says:

    Most excellent, thanks for that…
    Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. To The Max Says:

    Peg…Thanks so much for sharing your AMAZING summer with me! So many great memories of sunshine, warms waters, friends, laughter and nudity!! Incredible.
    Thanks again,

  4. peggy fields Says:

    David said it very well!
    Your writing is cheeky amd amusing and the photos invite us to share the fun!

  5. binty Says:

    Your summer seems so much like ours……so next summer book early and get on up to Nelson Island

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Peg, I love my minutes with you reading your words, they make me happy…thank you..xox Barb

  7. To The Max Says:

    Great to see you back on line. I am in Paris until at least the spring. I loved your Endless Summer blog I could feel the pleasure you felt just to be alive; in your words and pictures.

  8. CHERYL Says:

    Wow, what a summer! You live it well!

    See you on the N.I. Rock next year!

  9. brillante Says:

    Peg…I have no words since my jaw dropped! See you soon and thanks for the fun I had reading your post. Ciao.

  10. Shanta Knight Says:

    Peg, you go girl, I am really enjoying your trip,, thanks.
    See ya sometime soon

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