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006_640_x_480.jpgDay 2 of a month of Fiesta Mexicana, Puerto Vallarta. I met a woman in a shop and told her I wanted to go on an adventure off the beaten path. “Come and visit me” she offered and gave me directions that I scribbled on the back of a napkin. ‘Take the path along the river out of town………”

014_640_x_480.jpg“you will pass through 3 little villages…..”  (This one rather optimistically named Buenos Aires).

051_640_x_480.jpg (but it did have it’s own municipal swimming pool…..)

009_640_x_480.jpg“you will cross the river a couple of times…”

012_640_x_480.jpg“but stay close to it’s shore…..”


027_640_x_480.jpg“until you reach the canopy of the jungle….”

042_640_x_480.jpg “mine is the first ranch on the left”.

028_640_x_480.jpg Michelle lives in a one room palapa with no electricity, and a black hose that absorbes sunlight in order to provide a hot shower once a day. The garden was a cool and shady oasis after my long hot walk.

029_640_x_480.jpg The entrance gave notice….

037_640_x_480.jpg of the colorful interior.


040_640_x_480.jpg Even the outhouse had a “Luis Barragan” architectural appeal.
“Beats spending the winter in Winnipeg” she ventured.

025_640_x_480.jpgOn the way back I saw some old friends…..

017_640_x_480.jpg …some were too busy to chat.

044_640_x_480.jpg  I stopped for lunch in one of the villages…

046_640_x_480.jpg and ate octopus ceviche.

I also took a dip in the River Cuale – it’s amazing how a swim and a Corona can revive you.

Live it TO THE MAX!

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  1. David Allison Says:

    Oh Peg,

    I’m glad you are finding the out-of-the-way places and all, but don’t you know PV is supposed to be about sipping drinks poolside, coconut sunscreen, and using too many towels?

    Happy New Year, my friend.

  2. Mary Bayley Says:

    I really enjoyed this, Peg! Felt like I was taking an adventure walk with you. Beautiful pics. xoxo Mary

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Was it a typcal Peggy swim, au natural. It sounds like you and Al are loving it!!

  4. Peggy Says:

    Trust you to find the adventure! good for you..seems like it’s working out..are you taking the bus around? the south coast of PV is the more rugged..take a panga from Boca de Tomatlan to Yelapa or Las Animas beaches..then there are walks into the jungle from there too!

  5. Jamie Maw Says:

    A beautifully-captioned travelogue!

    ‘While the tourist has his nose pressed against a window, it is the traveller who gets lost in order to become found.’

    Jamie + Yvonne

  6. To The Max Says:

    Looks absolutely sublime … ya bum

  7. Anonymous Says:

    I could picture you in the river and happily trailing in the jungle! Go ahead and live “my” adventures for me, I will be happy just to read your daily discovers. Ciao bellissima.

  8. Brillante Says:

    The ciao bellissima comment was me, just forgot to put a name on it.

  9. To The Max Says:

    As usual, another great post – you captured the essence so well!

  10. virgiinia Says:

    What an adventure. Couldn’t believe she had two ant chairs in her place.

  11. Gray Amphlett Says:

    Happy New Year to you Peg, Al Max and Paige. Ibi and I are fine, had a good year last year, what a summer we had, eh, with the two months ‘Down Under’ it seemed it went on and on. The Blogs are great. Love, Gray & Ibi

  12. Anonymous Says:

    My darling Peg,
    so good you are enjoying Mexico and gettiing to meet wonderful, simple people. It is a gift of life to be so close to Mother Nature. we are now back from Syria. i think you would love it. we will talk soon. for now send you all my love Consuelo

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